Inroducing Bento Baby Belly With mesh shirt ~ Animated Pregnancy Tummy

Bento Belly 2

Hi everyone,

I have some big news for pregnant ladies, The Hands On Care Clinic Presents the ultimate expiriance made possible.

Not only do we have a amazing birth/pregnancy package,

But now we have a brand new Bento Belly,

ok it comes with a mesh shirt that you cant take off. we have tired to make this without the shirt but it did not look right. with that said its stil a very cute product for 1500 the first week and then 2000 linden after it. for a normal no bento belly you pay over 1 k and it has no movement, no animations in  it. so i said who cares if it comes with a shirt it has 20 textures and stil reminds me of a baseball tee :D. you dont need to wear this always  if you just want a shirt and show your pregnant. but see this as a special thing to see your baby move. some extra reality and im sorry but 2k is a steal for the work that went into this.

3 stages, First Trimester: a Small bento shaped belly for the early pregnancy stages.

Second Timester: A bigger belly that when worn shows actual movement from your baby kick, twist, stretch, roll, flip and poke as is the same with the Third trimester but this is a bigger belly then the first and second trimester.

It comes with a shirt that covers your main parts but shows your beautiful belly, you can use omega appliers for the skin and clothes.

The belly has 3 layers: 1 Skin, 2 lower clothing layer and a upper clothing layer omega is build in.

The shirt has different texture options .

The hud also shown in the picture has the animation set ups and shirt textures.

you get 3 belly’s that has omega build in, a clothing layer remove hud, a shirt hud this has 2 shirt textures to use if you dont want to show your naked belly, and the main hud to use for the shirt textures with 20 textures and animations of the belly.

Important update to we are going to have a demo out soon. it wont look as good because its a demo but we also have a bot in the clinic who is wearing the belly. Bento Belly 1

oh if you are looking for pants like these are 1$l from Larry jeans

Please help us welcome to Hand’s On Care’s newest addition…introducing the BENTO BABY BELLY! Finally, Second Life has a beautifully ANIMATED pregnancy tummy! Experience the thrill of seeing your baby move, push, kick, roll and so much! This revolutionary product offers 7 precious fetal movement that can be accessed via your Care HUD or, set your time and movements to “random” and experience hands free mommy baby interaction. Three baby bellies are included, one for each trimester, all scripted to work with Omega, matching your skin to a T. Our tummy comes with a beautifully designed, modestly opened shirt, to allow you to show your moving little one without having to take off any clothing! Our Care HUD includes a selection of 20 exquisite textures for the shirt so that mommy will always have something to wear! We have also included an undershirt layer (black or white) for business or professional attire ! ❤ Bento Baby Belly: Now Your baby can really move! ❤ ~ Congratulations !

you get 25% off for the first week so until December 2 2017 it wil be priced 1.500 Linden a steal!!!

The Marketplace link 

Facebook link for HOC

Or visit us in world 

We also sell a home doppler – fetal monitor on mp or inworld its only 500 linden.

Realistic breast pump on mp or inworld for 295 linden

and a Mama Allpa pregnancy test on mp or inworld for 149 linden





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