Hands on Care Maternity clinic

Most of you dont know my second job and main job in secondlife is beeing a nurse/midwife and receptionist at the wonderful Hands on Care Maternity Clinic

So i figured i would share some about us and what the new things we offer are.

HOC 01

Hands On Care Maternity Clinic and birthing center is the BEST & most realistic sl maternity clinic. Our doctors are all real life experienced! mama allpa, pooterbilt fixedbit and all huds. We offer a mindblowing pregnancy experience. pediatrics, zoobys!


We offer pregnancy packages in any amount of weeks you wish to do your pregnancy. We also have walk in pregnancys and exams where we wil try and get a doctor to make a appointment with you as soon as possible. We also offer Live births !! where the baby is roleplays by a rl mesh baby avi. And we have several amazing vendors with furniture babys and more. We have different areas of options for your birth from a suit to a lake or a bathtub wich ever you wish

Our wonderful head of staff is the amazing De William Golden-Bright Meyer

test 1

Now one of our new pride products is the pregnancy test you see in the picture and yes i volenteerd (staff shoud test it)  Comes With: Included toilet & HCG (pregnancy hormone) testing roleplay.

Our Test is for both:
1) People using the mama allpa conception hud~ The system will automatically read your hud and provide you with “on point” results.
2) People without a hud: The test will simply roleplay a result.
For sale in the clinic or marketplace

test 2

Our second pride and joy a realistic breast pump that makes a realistic sound and shows it pumps milk, and after it pumped you will recieve a bottle to feed the little one also for sale on marketplace and the clinic

pump bottle

feeding the milk

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy or you are planning on it come and check out our clinic ask for a tour from one of our staff members ask all the information you desire to know.

We will be happy to welcome you to our clinic and help you with all we can.

Hands on care has dedicated staff who care about your wonderful roleplay experience

Hands On Care is hiring both receptionists and estate managers for a side project! If you are a committed and passionate person please message williamowens to apply! We thank you for your interest in the matter!

Hands on care <—– Taxi

Hands on Care <—– Facebook


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